TrackerBot 1.0 Available in the App Store!
Mar 16 2011

Yes, the wait is over and you can now get a TrackerBot of your own in the App Store! TrackerBot is the only native app designed whole-heartedly for the iPad and iPhone, and it really shows. If you love your iPad as much as I do, and love Pivotal Tracker just the same, TrackerBot is going to make your day.

TrackerBot 1.0 has been in development since it began as a summer side project in July 2010. Labor Day rolled around and two things were clear. First, that TrackerBot was clearly going to be the best Tracker app out there. Second, it was going to take a lot more than just weekends and holidays to get there. After spending all my vacation days, quitting my day job, and founding Vulpine Labs LLC TrackerBot is alive and kicking. I couldn’t be prouder.

The goal for TrackerBot has always been clear: provide the best Pivotal Tracker experience possible, anywhere. In particular TrackerBot allows you to interact with your Pivotal Tracker projects as if they were physical objects. Grab a story with one finger, and just drag it where you want it. But you’ve got two hands! TrackerBot is completely multi-touch so feel free to use the other to scroll through your stories and find that perfect spot.

The interface, while being polished and preened for iPad and iPhone, is still very familiar to any Pivotal Tracker user. Some other apps in the app store have completely re-invented the Pivotal Tracker interface to match their view of how Tracker should be used. TrackerBot has instead tried to stay true to Pivotal Tracker as you know it, letting you use Tracker however you want to instead of how the developers think you should.

That said, TrackerBot is still young! The most notable feature missing right now is the ability to search for stories and customize your story panels. The first version has focused on getting the core interface details solid, but development has already begun on adding support for searching by keyword, labels, and by the owner of a story. Please be vocal in our Get Satisfaction support community and let us know what features are important for your team.

It’s been a really long road to release TrackerBot, and I’m really excited to see it in people’s hands. I’ve had wonderful beta testers who’ve provided a great deal of feedback and praise for TrackerBot, and I’m incredibly excited to share it with everybody else now.

Check out TrackerBot in the App Store!