Picture of Christian.

👋 I’m Christian Niles.

I've been building iOS and mobile apps professionally since 2010. I'm known for collaborating tightly with Product & Design teams, building great Engineering team culture, and shipping great software quickly.

I'm currently a Staff Software Engineer at Twitter where I lead the development of Twitter Communities. I've been on the team since the beginning, developing the product from scratch on Twitter iOS. I work closely with other leads to define the product roadmap, and how best to implement it across client platforms as we continue to grow the team and feature set.

I'm also the founder and co-chair of the Twitter iOS Community Managers -- a group that helps build a fun, diverse, and inclusive community of iOS engineers at Twitter. As co-chair I've worked to define the community culture, onboard new team members, and improve the effectiveness of iOS teams across Twitter.

Before Twitter Communities I was Tech Lead for Periscope iOS, and also an interim-EM while my manager was on sabbatical. During that time I managed 10 engineers through regular 1:1s, comp and performance reviews, and played a key role in eventually shutting down the Periscope app and integrating features into the main Twitter app. I also contributed to key features such as Guest Broadcasting, which later formed the basis for Twitter Spaces.

Prior to Twitter I built the iOS and Android apps at Cotap, a mobile messing app for business. I was part of the founding team and went on to become an Engineering Director for the Android team, and also spent time as a Product Manager.

My first iOS app was TrackerBot, an iPhone and iPad app for Pivotal Tracker that I developed independently. It quickly became the most popular Pivotal Tracker app on the App Store, and was acquired by Pivotal Labs. TrackerBot then became the official Pivotal Tracker app.

Before falling in love with iOS development I worked as a full-stack backend & web developer at companies like LinkedIn and GetSatisfaction. Check out my LinkedIn profile for my full resumé.